Quantum Sensing with Interacting Atoms

Prof. Morgan Mitchell from ICFO and Victor Brasch from CSEM took part in CLEO in San Jose on 6 May 2019. CLEO is a major annual meeting for lasers, photonics, and related technologies. Prof. Morgan Mitchell delivered the invited talk “Quantum Sensing with Interacting Atoms”. His talk described new results in enhancing the sensitivity of … Read more

macQsimal on YouTube: Towards a definition of time

macQsimal researcher Gaetano Mileti, co-founder of the Laboratoire Temps – Fréquence at the University of Neuchâtel, was invited to speak about how philosophers of metaphysics previously probed the start and studies light to understand the universe and the passing of time and how we nowadays use light for precision and knowledge.

macQsimal @ ICT 2018 in Vienna

After the successful launch of the Quantum Technologies Flagship in October, the European Union’s support for the digital transformation of society and industry culminates at the multi-stakeholder event ICT 2018: Imagine Digital – Transform Europe.

macQsimal at Quantum Flagship Kick-Off in Vienna

After the Graphene Flagship and the Human Brain Project, the next large-scale research and innovation initiative funded by the European Commission is the FET Quantum Technologies (QT) Flagship. Over a period of 10 years, the European Commission has allocated more than € 1 billion to advance research in this field for the benefit of the European community and its citizens.