Atomic GHz/THz Sensor & Imager

Calibration-free sensing and vector imaging of microwave and THz fields sustains a large range of applications, for which atomic vapor cells have shown to be a powerful tool. While other techniques using e.g. miniaturised antennas require calibration, the radically different “atomic physics” approach offered by vapor cells relates the microwave or THz field strength to an atomic frequency measurement. Because atomic properties are given by nature and precisely known, the technique is intrinsically calibrated. Results using Rydberg transitions for electric and ground-state hyperfine transitions for magnetic field measurements, hold an enormous potential for the development of high-resolution and low cross-talk devices for imaging of microwave fields in industry and science but also in emerging applications of microwaves in medical imaging.

Objective: in macQsimal, partners will work closely together to design and develop microwave and THz sensors and field imaging device demonstrators based on Rydberg transitions for E-field and hyperfine transitions for B-field detection, combining frequency tunability with high spatial resolution and sensitivity, kHz bandwidths and low cross-talk. Furthermore, partner will design and develop a miniaturised quantum-enhanced single-channel microwave field detector demonstrator platform for the exploration of quantum enhancement strategies.