Optically-pumped magnetometers

Optically-pumped magnetometers (OPMs) use optical methods to spin-polarise an atomic medium and detect its coherent response to a magnetic field. OPMs surpass the sensitivity of superconducting sensors, while also working without cryogenics, making them potentially disruptive in the biomagnetic applications of magnetoencephalography (MEG) and magneto-cardiography (MCG). Deploying OPMs in these applications requires them to be simultaneously sensitive, fast, with large dynamic range, close packable, manufacturable, and reliable in large numbers.

Objective: In macQsimal, partners will work closely together for the design, development, and validation of Compact Optically Pumped Magnetometers (OPM) for lowfrequency and radio-frequency magnetic fields for biomagnetic scientific and medical applications.

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