Impressions from the Design Review Meeting in Espoo, FI

The project partners in macQsimal gathered for the first Design Review Meeting of the project in March 2019. The meeting was hosted by Teknologian Tutkimuskeskus VTT in Espoo, Finland and featured two days of intensive workshops and fruitful discussions. The following are a selection of impressions:

Participants arriving at the Teknologian Tutkimusheskus VTT in Espoo, Finland. Professor of medical imaging at Aalto University Lauri Parkkonen took participants through a tour in his lab. The design and testing of MEG instrumentation for medical research is one of the applications of sensors developed in macQsimal. Project Coordinator Jacques Haessler (CSEM) volunteered for a measurement demonstration. The 3D printed sensoring cap is wired with optically pumped magnetomer – OPM sensors to measure and map the faint magnetic signals on the surface of the cortex. The brain signals are stimulated through special audio and visual stimulus. It is the hope that the improved sensors to be developed in macQsimal will give more depth and increase specification of measurements. Measurements are conducted “on the fly” to reveal how stimuli are impacting brain signals from the cortex.