Time, science and society – the macQsimal is sharing insights from quantum sensing

On 20-21 June the macQsimal partners met for the very last time in person within the project that concludes at the end of July. Benefiting from the hospitality of the University the Neuchatel, hosting the event in Switzerland, the project coordinator, Dr. Jacques Haesler from CSEM and Prof. Alice Sinatra from CNRS presented at the local conference. The event took place on the evening of 21 June attracting 35 attendees representing academia, industry and the general public.  

Time, science and society is a well-established cycle of the conferences dedicated to various aspects of time, overseen by Prof. Gaetano Mileti, who is also involved in the macQsimal project. The meeting was an excellent opportunity to present the overview of the macQsimal and discuss with the audience the future of quantum sensing.

Particular emphasis was placed on the central element of all sensors resulting from macQsimal, the micro-fabricated atomic cell, initially developed by the CSEM for miniature atomic clocks. In the second part of the conference, the measurement limits of these sensors, dictated by the laws of quantum physics were presented by Prof. Sinatra, together with “quantum technology” strategies to overcome these limits.

Prof. Gaetano Mileti,
University of Neuchatel

It was great to conclude the macQsimal by presenting to the local community the main results of the project and explaining the importance of Quantum Technologies. Alice and Jacques made a great effort to transform complex scientific and technical information into engaging talks followed by interesting discussions. The audience was fascinated to enter the quantum world.

@ featured picture by Bernard Lechot, UniNE