Quantum Industry Day in Switzerland

The Quantum Industry Day in Switzerland is back on 5 October 2021 in a virtual conference set-up but with an on-site networking apéro!  Jacques Haesler (CSEM), macQsimal coordinator will welcome attendees at 8:55 a.m. as a moderator for the morning part of the conference and as a leader of the Session E – Quantum Sensors, … Read more

macQsimal collaborator Etienne Batori wins the UniNE preselection of “ma thèse en 180 secondes”

International French-speaking competition of eloquence and popularization whose objective is to present a doctoral subject to an audience in a clear, entertaining and convincing way, in 180 seconds! The Jury selected the three best performances from each institution for the Swiss final. macQsimal collaborator, PhD student, Etienne Batori, won the 1st price of the UniNE … Read more

Hot Vapor Workshop was a success

The Hot Vapor Workshop, organised by the University of Stuttgart in collaboration with macQsimal was the expected highlight of this spring. The event on 22-24 March 2021 was the second edition of this conference, which is intended to become a series with a two-year frequency. It attracted a large audience from the global hot atomic … Read more

European Workshop on the Science and Technology of Hot Atomic Vapors

macQsimal is looking forward to one of its highlights of the year, a three-day workshop all about the science and technology of hot atomic vapors, taking place from 22-24 March 2021. The research and the spectroscopy of hot atomic vapors carries great potential for robust applications and quantum technology. Their spectroscopy has lost some attention … Read more

Quantum Highlights of the year in Nature Communications

Quantum Technologies are in the blooming era. Everyone talks about it. We are in the midst of a second quantum revolution unfolding, in which we are trying to exploit our ability to understand, detect and manipulate objects at the microscopic level, in the regime of single quantum objects. We are all aware that quantum physics … Read more

macQsimal at the EPIC Online Technology Meeting on Atomic Clocks and Quantum Sensors / Quantum Photonics Industry Technology report

Earlier this year, Jacques Haesler, Senior Project Manager at CSEM and Coordinator of macQsimal and Serge Grop, R&D Manager at macQsimal partner Orolia Switzerland served as speakers at the European Photonics Industry Consortium (EPIC) meeting on atomic clocks and quantum sensors. The presentation slides, a video of the entire event as well as a list … Read more

The videos of the Quantum Industry Day 2020 are online

The contributions to the Quantum Industry Day 2020, including the presentations of macQsimal researcher Sylvain Karlen (Session D – Quantum Sensors – Part 1), macQsimal coordinator Jacques Haesler (Quantum Sensing @CSEM) and Dr Thomas Strohm, coordinator of Quantum Technologies at macQsimal partner BOSCH, (Quantum sensors – challenges and opportunities) have been recorded and published. Further … Read more

Recordings of macQsimal presentations at the µWOPM 2020 available on YouTube

The Workshop on optically pumped Magnetometers (WOPM) is an annually held conference covering topics related to OPM technology. This year’s event was planned to be a side-conference of the Biomag 2020. However, as an outcome of the current situation, both events have been postponed to 2021. In order to enable researchers to present their latest … Read more

macQsimal at the European Quantum Week

The European Quantum Week is an online multi-modular event that will run parallel to the Berlin Science Week from November 2-6, 2020. Organized by the European Quantum Flagship, with the collaboration of the European Commission and the Quantum Industry Consortium, it will include outreach activities for the general public, specialized talks and presentations for the quantum community as … Read more